Welcome to St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, the parish school and largest ministry of St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church. Students who desire an educational experience founded on the Catholic philosophy of education and fulfill age, academic, and behavior requirements are eligible for admission to St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.

Requirements for Completing the Application Process

  • New Student Application Form and Fee
    Please complete and submit the online new student application form and fee.

    The non-refundable application fee is $75 per child. This fee, due at the time of application, does not guarantee placement. It places your child on a list to be tested.

  • Documents
    Copies of the student’s birth certificate, the Georgia Department of Health Certificate of Immunization Form 3231, and the Georgia Department of Health Certificate of Eye, Ear, Dental, and Nutrition Form 3300 are required once the application is received and accepted. 

  • Placement Testing
    New students will be tested to ensure that the curriculum offered at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School will accommodate the child’s full potential. Grade placement may be at the grade they are entering or below. Testing will be arranged after the online application and application fee have been received. Kindergarten testing will take place in March 2018. First through eighth-grade testing will take place in May 2018 so students can complete as much of their current year's curriculum as possible. Testing can also be arranged at other times for out-of-town families and in the event of schedule conflicts. The student's most recent report card and standardized test scores should be provided to the school on or before the day of testing.


Requirements for Completing the Enrollment Process