The Star from Afar

I am not sure who is more excited about our newest tradition here at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School—our students or I. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of this time of year and lose focus on what Advent and Christmas are all about. So, having a life-size nativity and wise men in the school help students and grown-ups alike keep our focus on what this season is all about.

The entire school is participating in “The Star from Afar”. The event began with our principal, Mrs. Laura Webster, reading The Christmas Star from Afar by Natalie Ard to the entire school.

Each day one of the kindergarten through third-grade homerooms searches for the Star of Bethlehem. Once the star has been found, an accompanying bible verse is read by one of the students or, sometimes, the entire homeroom over the intercom.

Mrs. Hardy's first-grade homeroom
after finding the star

Life-size wise men are then moved by one of the fourth through eighth-grade homerooms ever closer to the crèche. The Maji will travel throughout the school and will arrive at the manger on the Epiphany.

Fifth-grade students moving the Maji

In focusing daily on the journey of the wise men, we are reminded in a life-size way that Christmas is about more than the presents we receive or Santa. Christmas is about the greatest gift of all – the birth of our living God, Jesus.

All of us at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School wish you and yours a blessed Advent and Christmas.

St. Mary's Spelling Bee

As far back as I can recall spelling was always one of my favorite school subjects. And, as a spelling enthusiast, I am a big fan of spelling bees, especially our school-level version of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

On the heels of our classroom-level competitions in grades 5 through 8, 14 classroom champions advanced to the school-level competition. Five of the 14 students were returning school-level spelling bee competitors, and two of the 14 students were siblings.

The students all seemed to enjoy participating in the event. They clearly understood the rules and were focused on the task. A total of 149 words were spelled correctly or sometimes incorrectly during 24 rounds of competition. The last two remaining competitors correctly spelled their way through the last seven rounds before the winner was determined!

This year’s St. Mary’s spelling champion is Charlie, one of our 7th grade students. Nick, an 8th grade student, earned second place.

Charlie will represent St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School in the next-level competition in early 2018. We wish good luck to Charlie and all the students who will be representing their schools in the next competition.


Dr. Kathleen Haley, St. Mary's music teacher and spelling bee coordinator, extends a big thank you to some of our awesome 2nd grade students who helped set up her music room for the competition. The second-grade students also said a silent prayer for the competitors prior to the start of the competition.

Welcome to Our Open House!

It’s Open House time at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. It is definitely one of our favorite school events. We always enjoy meeting new families. So, you can imagine how much we look forward to an event where we meet many new families at one time.

Our Open House visitors may include St. Mary’s alumni who are looking forward to their children attending their alma mater, other Augusta families, and those who are new to the area. New families may include cyber professionals from Fort Meade in Maryland who will be working at Fort Gordon, medical professionals who will be practicing at area hospitals, and others who will be bringing their expertise to the many industries in our Augusta area.

As someone who was once new to Augusta, I can still recall the mix of excitement and anticipation that I felt moving to a new town. Now, many years later, I still find myself appreciating all that Augusta has to offer such as a family-friendly environment, nice people, and reasonable cost of living. I do sometimes slip up and call Pittsburgh home, but Pittsburgh will always be home in some way. And, as they say, you can take the girl out of Pittsburgh but not Pittsburgh out of the girl.

I recently met a parent who stopped by school for some information. He told me that he was doing the reconnaissance work for his family and getting the lay of the land before the family’s move to Augusta. Shortly into our conversation, he asked me from what part of Pittsburgh I hailed. Apparently 20+ years in Augusta cannot mask Pittsburghese--the official language of all things Pittsburgh.

As we prepare for our upcoming Open House, we keep in our prayers all the parents and families who visit us. We pray for a peaceful process as they determine the best school for their children. We pray for those who are new to the area that they soon call Augusta home. We also pray that the families who choose St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School look forward to becoming part of our family and calling St. Mary’s their school home.


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a kindergarten through eighth grade private, Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-733-6193.

St. Mary's Art Studio

I enjoy visiting Mrs. Storer’s classroom, the Art Studio. There is always something new and creative in the works. In addition to new art projects for all grade levels, St. Mary’s students are spreading their creative wings and learning to appreciate art through art history.

Greeting her K-3rd grade students while wearing her “Question of the Week” hat, Mrs. Storer introduces an art history question. Not sure of the answer?  Just check the Art Studio’s ActivBoard for a clue. So far, Mrs. Storer has taught her students about prehistoric cave paintings, ancient Egyptian art, ancient Grecian art, and ancient Roman art. I cannot help but wonder, “What will next week’s question be?” 

Mrs. Storer would also like her students to appreciate that life skills are important in the Art Studio. For her younger students, she is focusing on responsibility and leadership. Students are taking turns each week being an “Art Teacher in Training”. One student at each table is responsible for listening extra closely to instruction, “shopping” at the Art Studio Supply Store for all the supplies needed for their table, and helping their table mates. This is a big job since they also need to work on their own art project. Mrs. Storer is pleased to report that we have some real leaders in our midst.

Mrs. Storer is focused on helping her older students understand the importance of individual traits that artists need as they embark on their creations. By focusing on the artistic process, she also strives to help her students appreciate how those same traits are needed by all of us throughout our lives.

Students work on an artist inspiration book. For a few minutes at the beginning of each class, Mrs. Storer introduces a quote on the ActivBoard and the class discusses it. The quote may be from a famous artist or other well-known person. It may focus on the importance of hard work, perseverance, confidence, and other traits that the author learned to appreciate in his or her life. The students then write it down in their book and design/sketch anything that the quote inspires.

Why is art class more than just art projects? In Mrs. Storer’s words, “Art is life and life is art. You cannot separate the two. As you grow as a person, apply all that you learn to everything that you do."

Encouraging Reading

The much-anticipated Storybook Character Parade happened today. As a follow up to their summer reading assignment, our first and second grade students dressed up as a favorite character from a summer read.

Mrs. Therese Rhodes, our St. Mary’s library teacher, along with our first and second grade teachers, saw the parade as a fun way to further encourage our students to be excited about reading.

As the “characters” paraded through the gym, parents and other students in attendance learned about the title of the book and the character.

 Mrs. Hardy and Her First Grade Students

Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Webster, and Mrs. Fisher
Library Teacher, Principal, and Assistant Principal

Watching the parade reminded me about a visit to Mrs. Tyre’s first grade classroom a couple of years ago. I just happened to walk by her classroom when the students were discussing a story they had just read. They were correctly answering questions about the characters, setting, genre, and other story elements. I was impressed. Excited about this experience, I mentioned my visit a short time later to Mrs. Wilkinson, one of our kindergarten teachers. She replied, “We do that in kindergarten too.”

Today’s kindergarten is certainly not the same kindergarten of my day. I only recall musical chairs and finger painting in my kindergarten class. I fondly recall finger painting because my mom told my siblings and me that finger painting was illegal in our house. I do not think finger painting should ever have been illegal, but I would support a bill that makes glitter illegal.

Although the Storybook Character Parade is over, we have the Kindergarten Halloween Parade, Third Grade Saints Parade, and Fourth-Sixth Grade Vocabulary Parade on the horizon. These and other activities during our school day show our students that school and learning can, in deed, be fun.


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a K-8 private Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia. Please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706.733.6193 for a tour or more information.

Grateful for Catholic Education

My husband and I took our first born, Connor, to college yesterday — Georgia Tech to be exact. When we left him, he had a smile on his face and an eagerness to explore his new surroundings.

It is hard to believe college has arrived. So many times I imagined how difficult it would be to take him to college. I was wrong. 

Taking your child to college is the easy part; leaving him there is the hard part.

On the drive home I was torn between being sad or… well, there was no or…

The bright spot in the day was that we would have our daughter, Leah, at home for two more years before it’s her turn for college.

I missed Connor this morning. I took heart knowing that he was most certainly enjoying his first all-you-can-eat college breakfast. I also thought thanks Georgia Tech… it’s your turn to feed him.

At work today, I saw some of Connor’s former teachers. They asked about Connor and were certain that he would do well at Tech. I, too, am confident that Connor will do well, and I give his teachers at St. Mary’s and Aquinas High School much of the credit for this confidence. I am very grateful that Connor received a well-rounded kindergarten through 12th grade Catholic education. Just as St. Mary’s prepared Connor for the rigorous college prep curriculum at Aquinas, I know that Aquinas has prepared him to succeed at Georgia Tech.

I smile knowing that Connor is prepared academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially to excel in college and in life. I also smile knowing that I will see him in 50 days, not that I’m counting…

Christine Sweeney
Marketing Director
St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School
1220 Monte Sano Avenue
Augusta, GA 30904
706.733.6193 (office)
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Summer Camp Fun

I confess… I am not a sleep-in-a-tent kind of camper. I have been known to joke that camping is when the hotel forgets to put a mint on my pillow. Since my budget rarely affords staying at such higher-end hotels, it is safe to say that I am a camping novice.

The camps that I do enjoy are the ones offered by St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. St. Mary’s just wrapped up its summer camp season. I had an opportunity to check in on the camps. They were all fun, high-energy, educational, and climate controlled.

Our summer camp season started with a Seashore Music Camp for pre-K4 through 2nd grade students. Dr. Kathleen Haley, St. Mary’s music teacher, designed the camp around movement, singing, and musical instruments. Some of the campers also chose to take an Irish dance elective as part of their camp experience. Dr. Haley’s daughter, Maura, taught the Irish dance class. Maura is a St. Mary’s alumna and Augusta’s only champion-level Irish dancer. Thank you, Maura!

Just as our Seashore Music Camp ended, it was time for CyberCamp. St. Mary’s was honored to be selected to participate in the Air Force Association’s (AFA) CyberCamp Program. Karmen Lowery, St. Mary’s computer teacher, and Dave Besel, Director of Information Operations for Chiron Technology Services, Inc., teamed up to offer this intensive camp at Chiron’s state-of-the-art training center.

On the heels of a successful AFA CyberPatriot Competition during this past school year, Mrs. Lowery and Mr. Besel wanted to continue to build on what our CyberPatriot students have already learned and introduce new students to the program. Similar to the CyberPatriot Competition, the camp focused on cyber security and taught 22 campers how to secure networks and harden operating systems. Our campers had fun, learned a lot, and are looking forward to another successful AFA CyberPatriot Competition season beginning in the fall.

Our longest-running summer camp is the highly popular Art Camp. Art Camp welcomed more than 50 campers who produced an impressive total of eight pieces of art each. Parents were invited to an art show and reception on the last day of camp. Thank you to Mrs. Jenny Storer, St. Mary’s art teacher, Mrs. Alice Hagler, and Mrs. Leigh McCormack, for all you do to make Art Camp such a wonderful experience for all.

When Art Camp ended each day, some Art Camp students and other campers participated in an afternoon Basketball Camp in the St. Mary’s gym. Campers learned about and improved on basic skills and had opportunities to scrimmage. Thank you to Jay Hagler and Maura Lammers, St. Mary’s alumni, for organizing and running the camp.

And, thank you to all of our campers. We loved having you at our summer camps and hope you continue to enjoy your summer break. You earned it!

Eat. Play. Learn.

Have you said good-bye to your “I will go to the gym regularly” New Year’s resolution? We have busy lives and probably spend more time juggling commitments than jogging.

Our children are busy too. In a typical school day they are juggling school, after-school activities, homework, and more.

For adults and children alike, the busier we are the less likely we are to make healthy choices and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s often easier to run through the fast food line or zip it in the microwave than prepare a healthy, fresh meal. And who has time to consistently devote 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week to exercise?

So, why am I writing about forgotten New Year’s resolutions, fast food, and exercise?

My guess is that you would not be surprised to hear there is a direct correlation between student wellness and readiness to learn. It’s hard to think when your body is focused on digesting cheese curls. Not only does nutrition play a key role in how our brains and bodies work, but exercise does as well. Oxygen does a body good. The more we move, the more oxygen our brains receive, and the better they work!

We take student wellness seriously at St. Mary’s. As articulated in our Wellness Policy, we are committed to providing a school environment that promotes student wellness through proper nutrition and regular physical activity.

How do we put this commitment into action?

Let’s start with nutrition.

Students learn about healthy eating and nutrition starting in our kindergarten classrooms. They learn about why we all need to eat right and are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to school.

We strive to provide well-balanced school lunch options in our full-service cafeteria. St. Mary’s participates in the national school lunch program so a healthy school lunch can be an affordable option for all. Our cafeteria is headed by Chef Roy Bates. He has been in the culinary world for more than 40 years. Chef Roy and his staff do a great job of balancing healthy options with tasty food that our students enjoy. Each day they offer our students a selection of fruits and vegetables.

After lunch, it’s time for an important part of our school day… recess!

When our students are outside, playing, and running around, they are having fun. They know that being active is a healthy choice. From soccer to basketball, tag to four square, there are always fun opportunities to get our students moving.

Students also have opportunities to be active in PE class and in their classroom with some activity breaks in the school day. Sometimes getting up and moving is also part of the learning process. I learned that they have a name for that—kinesthetic learning. Kinesthetic learning is a way of teaching through physical activity. Instead of sitting at their desks, students have the opportunity to learn while moving. 

When the school day is over, students in our after-school care program have time to play outside after homework and snack time, of course. And Fridays are a favorite because less homework means more play time!

More than 80 percent of our sixth through eighth grade students participate in school sports. This year, we also have twenty-eight second through eighth students training for a 5K in the Run Hard Running Program. For some, this will be their first 5K!

We like knowing that our students are equipped to recognize opportunities where they can make healthy choices. I also like knowing that we are never too old or too young to eat right, play, and learn.


Please click here for St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School’s Wellness Policy.

To learn more about the Run Hard Running Team program, please visit

Taking the Initiative

Coming up with a good idea is one thing; following through with it is another. Sometimes all it takes is initiative.

One of our 8th grade students, Christopher Saul, knows what initiative is all about.

First, let me give you a little background about Mr. Saul…

Christopher is a strong student, skilled athlete, and has a big heart.

During the fall sports season, Christopher learned that one of his younger teammates was having trouble maintaining the grades needed to participate on the team. Christopher felt badly and wanted to help. This desire to help his teammate was the impetus for Christopher to launch the Saul Leadership Initiative.

The initiative is a leadership program. It is designed to give 8th grade students a rewarding way to give back to their school by helping fellow St. Mary’s students with school work and athletics. The 8th grade students who sign up become part of the initiative’s leadership team. Team members, two at a time, stay after school for one hour and help students who are in our growing after-school care program.

Christopher told me that the 8th grade students help wherever there is a need. A student may need help with homework or studying for a test. There may be a student who wants to learn about basketball or brush up on his or her soccer skills. Whatever the need, Christopher knows that his fellow 8th grade students can help our younger students gain the confidence they need to excel.

Thank you, Christopher and our 8th grade students, for sharing your time and talent with your St. Mary’s school family.


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a K-8 private Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia. Please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-733-6193 if you have questions or would like information.

It's an Honor

… to be nominated. 

Four St. Mary’s students will be participating in the Sixth Grade Honors Chorus for District 10 of the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA).

The students were nominated by our music teacher, Dr. Kathleen Haley. I asked Dr. Haley what criteria she considered when selecting four students for the Honors Chorus. Dr. Haley focused on commitment, ability, and enjoyment. The students have exhibited a commitment to our St. Mary’s music program, have a high level of musical ability, and thoroughly enjoy singing. 

Being nominated has earned our students a “get out of school” card to be used on March 27, 2017. Our students will spend the day in rehearsal at Wesley United Methodist Church with other top sixth grade students from the 15 counties in District 10. The Sixth Grade Honors Chorus will then perform a concert for all to enjoy at 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Haley has certainly expanded our musical endeavors and, yes, there is more on the horizon.

St. Mary’s will have a trumpet trio at this year’s GMEA District 10 Solo and Ensemble event.

Next year, Dr. Haley has her sights set on District Honors Band and Seventh and Eighth Grade Honors Chorus.

We appreciate our students’ talents and eagerness to embrace new opportunities.

We also appreciate Dr. Haley. It is an honor to have her at the helm of St. Mary’s music program.


Please visit for more information about Honors Chorus and other GMEA programs.

'Tis the Season

for academic competitions…

St. Mary’s is a vibrant school in the classroom, in sports events, and on college campuses. This past Saturday was no exception.

Ten members of St. Mary’s Academic Team competed in the PAGE Academic Bowl state competition at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia. At the same time five St. Mary’s teams—15 students in all--participated in the regional Future City Competition at the University of South Carolina-Aiken (USC-Aiken).

So, how did they do?  

After winning 1st place in their region two weeks ago, St. Mary’s Academic Team won 1st place in their division at the state competition. The team then advanced to the finals and earned 5th place overall in the state! This year’s PAGE Academic Bowl began with more than 130 teams in Georgia and 24 teams advanced to the state competition.

After placing in the top five at our St. Mary’s Future City Competition school event, each team earned a spot at the regional competition. In addition to two Honorable Mentions, our teams placed 1st, 4th, and 5th and also brought home the Best Essay, Best Model, Best Energy System, and Best Distribution of Power Awards.

St. Mary’s 1st place team was named the regional champion! Each team member was awarded a $1,000 college scholarship to USC-Aiken, a book bag, a little spending money, and an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to represent the region in the national competition in February 2017.

I talked with Mr. John Allen, Junior High science teacher, about the national competition. He is beyond thrilled about this wonderful opportunity for our students. Mr. Allen told me that he expects our team to bring home the trophy. He then said, “We’ll be there anyway, why not?”

We are proud of all of our students and wish our Future City Competition regional champions good luck at the national competition. Go Saints!

Welcome PAGE Academic Bowl

It’s Saturday. It’s also 7:30 in the morning. There’s a flurry of activity in the school.

Today is the 2017 PAGE Academic Bowl regional competition, and St. Mary’s school is the location for this year’s event.

St. Mary’s has been participating in the PAGE Academic Bowl for many years. Today, we will be welcoming six Columbia County middle school teams who will be competing with us for the coveted first place trophy.

At St. Mary’s, Academic Team is open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Those who sign up participate in practices twice a week early in the mornings. Practices include scrimmage-type events where students have an opportunity to earn points. The top ten point earners will be representing St. Mary’s in today’s competition.

The competition started off without a hitch and things moved along smoothly.  Since this was my first rodeo, I was not given an important job like question reader, time keeper or announcer. I did, however, find my niche as traffic coordinator and guided visitors to the competition classrooms.

Seeing that all was going well, my plan was to stay long enough to point everyone in the right direction and take a few photographs. I soon realized that I wanted to stay to the end. I got caught up in the excitement and enjoyed meeting visiting teachers, students, and parents. Who could leave? Plus, new folks were arriving such as Mrs. Maureen Lewis, principal of Aquinas High School. She wanted to support our St. Mary’s team and enjoys academic competitions.

Who won the competition? Drum roll please…

St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School Academic Team
2017 PAGE Academic Bowl Region Champions!

Our St. Mary’s team won all of their rounds and claimed the first place trophy. Evans Middle School earned second place. Both schools now advance to the state competition at Georgia College in Milledgeville later this month.

We are proud of our St. Mary’s students and wish both teams good luck in the state competition.


For more information about the PAGE Academic Bowl, please visit

"Chris-myth Busters"

We always look forward to the music, acting, and a bit of comedy that adds to the enjoyment of our Christmas musical at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. This year’s musical is titled “Chris-myth Busters”, and it focuses on some of the things we believe about Christmas. For example, why do we celebrate Jesus’s birthday on December 25? How do we know there were three wise men? These and other questions will be explored in a lighthearted and musical way.

2015 Christmas Musical - “Cookin’ Up Christmas”

Preparations for the musical began early. Kindergarten through 8th grade students signed up for auditions in September and, by October, rehearsals were in full swing. While the students prepare for their performance, the St. Mary’s-Aquinas High School Band and St. Mary’s Boythovens singing group are also preparing to regale us at the performance. They will be our surprise (don’t tell anyone) opening act.

Just as Dr. Haley, St. Mary’s music teacher, is immersed in this year’s Christmas musical, she is also helping our kindergarten students prepare for their very own Christmas program. The kindergarteners are SO EXCITED about their program! It is always worth making room on my schedule to attend this sweet performance.

Thank you Dr. Haley and our students for helping us usher in this special time of year.

As we rejoice in the wonder of His birth, all of us at St. Mary’s wish you a very Merry Christmas!


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a kindergarten-8th grade private, Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia. Please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-733-6193 for questions or more information.

A Special Thank You

We like to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. We also like to celebrate it with a special group of people – grandparents! They are the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family who love us, instill life-long values in us, and, most importantly, spoil us. They certainly deserve a special thank you for all they do.

St. Mary’s Grandparents Day is held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It begins with an all-school Mass where we recognize our grandparents in attendance as well as those who cannot be there. For grandparents who cannot be with us, other family members and friends are encouraged to participate on their behalf. After Mass, grandparents and special guests enjoy a lovely reception as they eagerly await classroom visits. The classroom visits are a special time for all and give grandparents a glimpse into their grandchildren’s school day.

Grandparents Day 2015

After the classroom visits, we bid farewell to our grandparents and other special guests. While the students are enjoying lunch, final preparations are completed for another favorite tradition at St. Mary’s – the Turkey Bowl! This year marks the 10th Annual Turkey Bowl.

I remember when the first Turkey Bowl was announced. I was thinking “bowling” with frozen turkeys. I was a little confused because it seemed like a sad waste of food especially for a school that holds monthly food drives and volunteers at the Master's Table Soup Kitchen.

Fortunately I did not tell too many people what I was thinking because…

The Turkey Bowl is actually a flag football competition among our 8th grade students with the entire school in attendance. That makes more sense, right?

The end of the Turkey Bowl signals the official beginning of our Thanksgiving holiday. The students pack up their Thanksgiving projects and head off for five days of family, food, and —hopefully— some grandparent time.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends and don’t forget to spoil the grandparents a little.

No Space in the Trophy Case

It’s time to spring clean the trophy case in the school lobby. It’s a must. We need to make room for more.

We just wrapped up another successful fall sports season at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.

How successful you ask?

The boys’ and girls’ cross country teams both brought home championship trophies. Both teams also had four team members who placed in the top ten.

Not to be outdone, our football team, supported by our awesome cheerleaders, brought home the championship as well.

Our golf team earned 2nd place, and three of our students placed in first, third, and sixth place, respectively.


Our boys’ and girls’ tennis teams and girls’ volleyball team all competed in their semifinals!

What’s next?

Winter sports of course…

Basketball and cheerleading signups are already underway.

See you on the court!

Go Saints!!!


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School participates in the Augusta-Aiken Middle School League. For more information about the league, please visit


That’s what I call them. I also call them awesome.

Seventeen of our St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School students are competing in the middle school division of the Air Force Association’s (AFA) National CyberPatriot IX Competition. St. Mary’s participation is coordinated by Mrs. Lowery, computer teacher, who was instrumental in bringing this exciting program to St. Mary’s.

What is CyberPatriot?

CyberPatriot is a competition that gives middle school and high school students an opportunity to find out what it is like to be an information technology professional. Student teams are required to manage the network of a small company.  They are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems. They are then tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and “hardening the system” while maintaining critical services.

Is your head spinning? Mine is… but not our students’…

Our students are excited about this competition, and they are also learning from the best.

Four awesome St. Mary’s parents are generously donating their time and expertise to help our students learn and prepare for the competition rounds. The parents serve as coaches and mentors. And, Chiron Technology Services, where one of our coaches works, has offered use of a cyber training classroom!

Why is St. Mary’s participating in CyberPatriot?

Simply put… today’s students are tomorrow’s cyber professionals.

Career opportunities in the field of cyber defense and security are and will continue to be in high demand. CyberPatriot provides students with an introduction to this career path while also strengthening their teamwork and organization skills. It’s a win-win.

Go CyberSaints!


For more information about the CyberPatriot program, please visit

Seventy-Six Trombones...

...led the big parade...

I admit it. Those are all the words I can remember from that very old song.

But I will definitely remember hearing our St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School band for the first time. It was impressive!

This band is a big deal. It is our inaugural band. We even have an inaugural band t-shirt. 

And, more importantly, we have fourteen 6th grade students who embraced the opportunity to stretch their musical selves. 

It all started with Dr. Kathleen Haley, St. Mary’s awesome music teacher, who wants our students to experience being in a band. As Dr. Haley said, “It is important that our middle school students have band experience so they have knowledge about and can determine their interest in participating in band at the high school level.”

So, our 6th grade students had an opportunity to choose their music class this year. They were able to choose between band class and their regular 6th grade music class. 

Fourteen students signed up for band class and only two of the students had prior experience with their chosen musical instrument. That means that twelve students had to start with the basics such as how to hold the instrument and how to make sounds.

Our band met during their music class which was held every day for six weeks. 

Did I mention they were under a little time crunch?

Dr. Haley and the band had a plan. They wanted to perform during our St. Mary’s football games and football season was already underway. 

No pressure, huh?

Within a few weeks they were performing at a St. Mary’s football game! What a treat!

What’s next for the St. Mary’s band?

They will be performing at our upcoming Pep Rally. And, they have an opportunity to continue their participation in band through a joint program with St. Mary’s and Aquinas High School. Two of our junior high students, who also participate in St. Mary’s band, have been participating in the joint program since last year.  

We are proud of our students and the impressive job they did. We hope they will remember the history they made being part of St. Mary’s inaugural band. We will!

It's a Zoo... Sort of

Well… it’s not quite a zoo here at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, but we are excited about our newest, four-legged addition!

Meet Nibbles.  She is two-years old and resides in Mrs. Bosch’s 4th grade (4A) classroom.  This is only her second week at St. Mary’s, and she seems to be getting used to her new surroundings.  Nibbles is keeping an eye on the students and hopping around the classroom when the students are at their specials classes, lunch, and recess. 

Nibbles is a welcome addition to Mrs. Bosch’s classroom.  Sadly, Jasper, 4A’s previous rabbit, passed away this past summer at the ripe old age of 13, which is pretty old in rabbit years.  Jasper was fun and had an “I-own-this-classroom” personality.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the students and they him.

Mrs. Bosch told her 4A class the sad news about Jasper at the beginning of the school year.  Fortunately, it did not take long for fate to step in.  Mrs. Bosch’s daughter told her mom that she knew of a rabbit that needed a home.  Mrs. Bosch knew exactly where that home would be. 

Nibbles is not our only four-legged friend at St. Mary’s.  Meet Bellarien (“Bella”), the bearded dragon.  Bella calls Mr. Allen’s Junior High science lab home. He is five years old and came to St. Mary’s during the last school year.  I am not sure if Bella can smile, but he seems to appreciate any and all who feed him his favorite food, meal worms.  

Outside Mr. Allen’s door is our fish tank with a blue tang named Dori, a few clown fish—all named Nemo, and a couple of other assorted species.  They are the school’s welcome wagon.  Just walk by the fish tank, and they will quickly approach the glass.  I like to think that is fish for “hi”.  Maybe not, but I do think they are as interested in us as we are in them.

We may not need to call the zookeeper quite yet, but until then, we enjoy having our four-legged and swimming friends at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. 


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a kindergarten-8th grade private Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia.  For more information, please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-733-6193.

Teenagers and Catholic Education

The following article is written by guest blogger Maureen Grady Lewis, awesome principal of Aquinas High School in Augusta, Georgia. Aquinas is a college preparatory, co-educational, Catholic high school that successfully prepares its students for college and for life. It’s worth reading especially if you are wondering about teenagers today and the benefits of Catholic education. Spoiler Alert: It has a happy ending.

My husband and I attended the Catholic vigil for a friend’s dad at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. He was someone who rarely if ever missed a Sunday Mass and truly valued Catholic education. His daughter and son-in-law here in town likewise made sacrifices to send their four kids to Catholic schools. We sat next to a teacher at Aquinas and an Aquinas family who had returned early from a weekend at the beach to attend the vigil.

I listened to the priest talk of the love that permeated the room as the 90+ year old Colonel lay dying for the past few days. He spoke of the laughter and the tears, the stories and the prayers, spoken and sung. Tears ran down my cheek, happy and sad for my friend’s family, and happy and sad as I recalled the similar last days of my own mom and dad, minus the singing because we Gradys were not gifted with musical genes.

From there, we went to St Mary on the Hill Catholic Church for the 5:30 Mass. We always sit in the first ten or so pews because I find it much easier to focus when I do so. I share that just so that you know I could not see many of the attendees at Mass, just those in front of us.

Before Mass even started I recognized numerous Aquinas students and alumni, some in town for the summer, others for the weekend. In addition I noted that several recent University of Georgia graduates (and Aquinas alum) were there for Mass. I could not help but smile to think that four years of living on a secular college campus had not tainted them to the point of no return (to the Church).

As the altar servers processed in, two of the four were current Aquinas students. As the collection was taken up, I recognized several handsome lads who are Aquinas grads. When Fr. Arnoldt talked of gratitude and hospitality in his homily, he spoke by name of Connor, a rising senior at Aquinas, whom Father said politely introduced not only himself but also his sister who was serving at Mass as well.

After Mass I saw numerous more graduates as well as several current students. One was in scrubs on the way to work the night shift at University Hospital; others had brought along younger siblings to Mass. One is soon to return to Louisiana for his second year as part of Teach for America. Another is a rising junior, busy playing baseball and conditioning for football, at least when he is not doing his summer reading.

One was home from Notre Dame; another is headed off to Emory Law School. The Aquinas parent I talked to before Mass has a daughter working on her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a son in the seminary.

My heart was warmed to see so many of our current and former students at Mass on a hot, July evening because fulfilling our Sunday obligation is the right thing to do.

Although I firmly believe that parents are the number one influence on the faith life of most teenagers, I found myself thinking that surely the CARA (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate) surveys are correct: Students who attend Catholic high schools are eight times more likely to attend weekly Mass than teenagers who do not attend Catholic high schools.

So if you find yourself bemoaning teenagers today or the current state of our world, head to Mass. Perhaps, like me, you will be reminded of the beauty of youth and the hope that they bring to our community, our Church, and our world.

And, you might even recognize that the Catholic high school students of today are very often those in the Church pews tomorrow.

Maureen Grady Lewis
Principal, Aquinas High School
July 17, 2016

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Guess what day it is?  Need a hint?  It’s the day that we can all remember with mixed emotions.  It’s the day that you could no longer sleep in until your little eyes opened, but it was also the day that held excitement and anticipation.  You guessed it… It is the first day of school!

At St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School…

The morning began with our students eagerly walking to their classrooms with parents in tow.  After a few quick minutes, hugs and goodbyes were exchanged.  Students began to get settled in their classrooms while parents gathered in the school lobby for a coffee reception. 

The morning bell rang and the PA system was awakened by a welcome announcement and morning prayers led by our new assistant principal and St. Mary’s alumnus, Ashley Fisher.  Then, the entire school, parents included, gathered outside for the opening day prayer and flag-raising ceremony with Fr. Jerry Ragan, pastor of St. Mary’s Church.

After the morning activities, I returned to my office. 

Just as I was getting settled, the age-old essay assignment “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” popped into my head.  It has been a long time since I thought about that assignment.  I then wondered – Is this assignment still popular in schools today?  As a grown up, I now know that its whole purpose was to dust off the summer break cobwebs from my brain.

I also wondered… What if students asked the teachers what they did on their summer vacation?  I think students would be very surprised to learn that teachers— especially our St. Mary’s teachers—did not spend their entire summer break lounging by the pool eating bonbons … okay… not the entire time.

For example…

Three of our teachers—Allison Hardy (1st grade), Allison Crow (3rd grade), and John Allen (Jr. High science)—traveled to Savannah, Georgia for the final curriculum development team meeting for the new Diocesan-wide science curriculum.  As with each subject curricula, St. Mary’s teachers are an integral part of curriculum development.  Our teachers bring their passion for teaching, expertise, classroom experience, and desire for the best for their students to the process.  Mrs. Hardy told me that she thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team and is excited to introduce the new science curriculum to her 1st grade students.

Karmen Lowery, computer teacher, was selected to participate in Augusta University’s week-long GenCyber Camp for teachers.  Mrs. Lowery told me that camp was a lot of fun.  She appreciated learning about some new resources that she and other St. Mary’s teachers can use in the classrooms.  What did Mrs. Lowery enjoy the most?  She especially enjoyed meeting other computer/technology teachers in the area.

Katharine Doss (2nd grade) and Allison Crow attended the National SDE Reading, Writing, Math & More! Conference for grades K-5.  The conference included fabulous speakers, lots of ideas for the classroom, and teacher resources.  Mrs. Doss and Mrs. Crow are looking forward to sharing all the good news from the conference with their fellow St. Mary’s teachers.

Back at home, Laura Kuhlke, reading interventionist, administered placement tests for our new students.  We are so excited to welcome many new families to St. Mary’s school for the 2016-2017 school year.  Thank you, Mrs. Kuhlke, for helping to make the summer placement testing process run so smoothly.

We thank all of our teachers and staff who work so diligently throughout the ENTIRE year for the benefit of our students.  We wish them, and our students, a wonderful 2016-2017 school year!

Let the school year begin!


The process used by our curriculum development teams is the result of a partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Collaborative for Academic Excellence.  The ACE Collaborative is a professional development program that strengthens curriculum, instruction, and assessment by increasing collaboration among teachers.  This partnership resulted in a curriculum development process that has been successfully implemented for three new diocesan-wide curricula to date—social studies, math, and science.                                                                  

St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a private Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia.  For more information, please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-733-6193. 

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