Eighth Grade


Eighth grade students are excited about their next steps. They begin to transition from being a middle school student to a high school student. Our eighth grade students focus on strengthening skills learned in earlier years and are ready for more complex skills as they prepare for high school. Upon eighth grade graduation, our students are expected to reason logically, read critically, write correctly, express thoughts articulately, and to both analyze and question vigorously.

St. Mary’s has three eighth grade homerooms each with a preferred maximum of 20 students. In addition to the subjects described below, our students have weekly specials classes including art, computer/technology, music, PE, and Spanish. 

Students also have a daily, ninth-period class that offers enrichment opportunities through a variety of quarterly electives from which to choose. Electives may include competition math, broadcasting, first aid/CPR, installation art, Model UN, robotics, short stories, and a class on positivity to name a few. In addition to their weekly Spanish class, eighth grade students may take Spanish 1 as a yearlong, ninth-period elective.

Below is a brief highlight of our eighth grade curriculum. Instruction will be differentiated based on a students' academic levels and learning styles. This is achieved through engaging activities and technology resources in areas such as math, reading, science, and Spanish. For complete curriculum standards, please visit the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools Curriculum.

PRE-ALGEBRA – Eighth grade math or pre-Algebra includes rational and irrational numbers, exponents and scientific notation, equations and inequalities, ratios and proportions, slope and functions, probability and statistics, similar figures and the Pythagorean Theorem, geometry, and area and volume of three dimensional figures.

ALGEBRA 1 - For eighth grade students who are in advanced math or Algebra 1, course studies include algebraic expressions/equations/inequalities, linear functions, systems of equations and inequalities, absolute value equations, exponents, polynomials and factoring, and quadratic equations and functions.

LANGUAGE ARTS – Language arts includes grammar, vocabulary, and literature. The grammar program thoroughly covers all areas of mechanics and usage. Vocabulary consists of definition study in connection with synonym and antonym practice and words in context. Literature class combines reading comprehension and literary focus. Writing is a main focus in grammar and literature. Both creative and formal writing forms are developed.

RELIGION – Students study Church history. The class also includes study of the Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth, Knowledge of Faith Assessment, and Writing our Catholic Faith.

SCIENCE – This course focuses on physical science including chemical building blocks, electricity and magnetism, chemical interactions, and motion/forces/energy. All eighth grade students also participate in a five-part, small-group project called Future City Competition. Future City is an international STEM competition focused on critical thinking and solving real-world problems.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Students focus on the history of Georgia from its early days of Native American inhabitants, to the founding of Savannah in the 1700s, to the bustling metropolitan area of Atlanta and everything in between. Georgia’s history is rich with exploration, exploitation, and what some would say, rejuvenation. Students analyze the impacts of various events in the state’s history. Course studies are accomplished through class discussion, student-led debates, and writing.