First Grade


First grade students are curious, spontaneous, and energetic. They are also full of wonder. These attributes are beneficial as first grade is a notable academic transition year from kindergarten. We continue to nurture their joy of learning through a variety of teaching methods and resources. 

St. Mary’s has three first grade classrooms each with a preferred maximum of 20 students. The classrooms share two full-time assistants. In addition to the following subjects, our students also have weekly specials classes including art, computer/technology, library/media center, music, PE, and Spanish. 

Below is a brief highlight of our first grade curriculum. Instruction will be differentiated based on students' academic levels and learning styles. This is achieved through engaging activities, manipulatives, and technology resources in areas such as math, reading, science, and Spanish. For complete curriculum standards, please visit the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools Curriculum.

MATH – Our students learn to count to 120 (starting at any number), read and write numerals, represent a number of objects with a written numeral, and understand place value to the hundredths place. Students also learn to use a variety of strategies to demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction within twenty, tell time to the half hour, and count and distinguish coins to $1.00. Students also organize, represent, and interpret data including calendars and graphs.

LANGUAGE ARTS/READING – Students read text with purpose and understanding including sight words, describe characters and major events in a story using detail, demonstrate understanding of the central message or lesson by summarizing or retelling stories, and distinguish between fiction and non-fiction text features.

LANGUAGE ARTS/GRAMMAR & WRITING – Students learn to recognize and compose complete sentences, isolate and pronounce the beginning/middle/ending sounds in spoken words, decode a variety of words (short- and long-vowel sounds, vowel teams, consonant diagraphs, inflectional endings, and blends), participate in writing narratives to include details and words to signal event order, describe people, places, events in detail, and express ideas clearly.

RELIGION – First graders grow in an understanding of who they are in relationship to God and others. They respond to Jesus' love for them by the love and respect given by those around them. Our first grade students focus on the Holy Family, Jesus and His Apostles, The Holy Trinity, the Liturgical calendar and seasons, parts of the Mass, and introduction to the Sacraments. Students attend Mass and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program weekly.

SCIENCE – Through inquiry and exploration, students study weather and seasons, light and shadows, sound, matter, magnets, plant and animal habitats, and creation of the world.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Students study citizenship, map and globe skills, historical figures of America, America and its symbols, and goods and services.