Fourth Grade


Our fourth grade students continue to learn through hands-on and inquiry-based activities. They also apply prior knowledge in order to further develop abstract thinking. Our students are inquisitive which leads them to make astute observations, ask questions, and make connections. They are ready to grow in confidence and independence. Our school day provides them with opportunities to do so.

Most notably, our fourth grade students change classes in block periods, two periods at a time. Changing classes is a new experience, and it requires increased organization skills. With support, students begin to use a binder system that organizes information. Combined with daily agendas to keep track of homework and other due dates, it is not long before our fourth grade students are more confident and independent learners. 

St. Mary’s has three fourth grade classrooms each with a preferred maximum of 20 students. In addition to the subjects described below, our students have weekly specials classes including art, computer/technology, library/media center, music, PE, and Spanish. Students also have a flex period where they can work with enrichment resources in areas such as math and vocabulary, read, or receive extra help in a subject area.

Below is a brief highlight of our fourth grade curriculum. Instruction will be individualized based on students' academic levels and learning styles. This is achieved through engaging activities, manipulatives, and technology resources in areas such as math, reading, science, and Spanish. For complete curriculum standards, please visit the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools Curriculum.

MATH – Students begin with a basic review of place value and addition and subtraction through the millions. Our students then expand their knowledge of concepts related to whole number operations, number sense and time, multiplication, division and long division, fractions and decimals, basic statistics, graphing, probability, geometry, and measurement (customary and metric).

LANGUAGE ARTS/READING & WRITING – Our students read a variety of topics with a focus on increasing their ability to read aloud with fluency and comprehension. They also enjoy a variety of genres, including fiction and non-fiction, texts, and poetry. With some guidance, students use all aspects of the writing process to produce their own compositions and reports and use technology to publish their writing. They become more adept at summarizing main points from literary and informational texts and use more abstract skills of synthesis and evaluation in writing. Responses to questions are more logically developed as students show evidence of expanded language with increased vocabulary and a wider range of language structures.

LANGUAGE ARTS/ENGLISH – Fourth grade English focuses primarily on grammar mechanics, parts of speech, and sentence structure.

RELIGION – Students focus on understanding the ways that we can know, love, and serve God and others. Students also focus on the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, Liturgical seasons, parts of the Mass, and the Sacraments.

SCIENCE – Students use scientific investigation and technology skills to explore life science, earth science, and physical science. In life science, students study energy within ecosystems, behaviors of organisms, survival/extinction, and adaptations. In earth science, students study the solar system, star patterns, atmosphere, weather, and the water cycle. Physical science includes light, sound, electric energy, and simple machines (force and motion).

SOCIAL STUDIES – Our students begin with a review of U.S. geography, followed by a study of how early Native cultures developed in North America. Students also study European exploration of North America, factors that shaped early Colonial America, and causes/events/results of the American Revolution. Studies continue with the new nation and westward expansion of America between 1801 and 1861.  Studies also include citizenship and exploring the impact of personal spending and savings decisions. Skills include time lines, map and globe skills, and chart and graph skills.