Our youngest students learn in a caring and fun-filled environment that is focused on instilling a joy of learning. Joy is enhanced when our students are able to learn at their own pace whether they master a concept easily and are ready for more challenges or they need a little extra time. Kindergarten students are very observant and learn best when they are active and participating in hands-on activities. Through a variety of teaching methods and resources, our youngest students thrive in an environment that plants the seed for a lifelong joy of learning.

St. Mary’s has three kindergarten classrooms each with a preferred maximum of 20 students. Each kindergarten classroom has one full-time assistant. In addition to the following subjects, our students also have weekly specials classes including art, computer/technology, library/media center, music, PE, and Spanish. 

Below is a brief highlight of our kindergarten curriculum. Instruction will be differentiated based on students' academic levels and learning styles. This is achieved through engaging activities, manipulatives, and technology resources in areas such as math, reading, science, and Spanish. For complete curriculum standards, please visit the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools Curriculum.

MATH – Our students learn to build number sense including identifying numbers to 50, counting and labeling sets to 20, representing numbers to 20 (with pictures, tallies, and words), and composing and decomposing numbers to 20. Students also learn place value to 20, how to count to 100 (by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s), identify 2D and 3D shapes, identify names and values of coins, and tell time to the hour.

LANGUAGE ARTS/READING – Kindergarten students learn to recognize letters and sounds and rhyming words, blend letter sounds into words, read 100 sight words (or more!), read simple sentences, and listen to and comprehend a variety of literary forms.

LANGUAGE ARTS/GRAMMAR & WRITING – Our students also learn basic print conventions (sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation), to use known letters and words to represent written language, and creative writing (descriptive, narrative, and informational stories).

RELIGION – Throughout the year, kindergarteners will develop their relationship with God through prayer and exploration of creation. They will participate in the liturgical year, attend Mass with their school family, and engage in acts of service to the community. Kindergarten students have daily religion class and attend Mass and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program weekly. Good Shepherd is a program that provides a hands-on, experiential environment where children can explore their relationship with God. It is rooted in the Bible and the liturgy of the Church.

SCIENCE – Using inquiry and exploration, our students study the five senses, time patterns in the day and night sky, living things (basic needs, characteristics of plants and animals and life cycles of plants and animals) and non-living things (characteristics of rocks, soil, and water).

SOCIAL STUDIES – Students learn about the features of maps and globes, the purpose of national holidays and how we celebrate them, American symbols, family celebrations and customs, roles of community helpers, being a good citizen, and how money is used.