Sixth Grade


Sixth grade students transition from being an elementary school student to a middle school student. Our students are curious about the world and learn through hands-on activities and in collaboration with others through group work.

St. Mary’s has three sixth grade homerooms each with a preferred maximum of 20 students. In addition to the subjects described below, our students have weekly specials classes including art, computer/technology, music, PE, and Spanish.

In addition to their daily math class, our students also have a ninth-period class that includes a semester-based Math Lab where they use an interactive online resource to further challenge themselves or to focus on a concept where they need extra practice. Ninth period also includes a semester-based class focused on critical thinking, public speaking, Latin word roots, SAT/ACT vocabulary, study skills, and guidance lessons.

Below is a brief highlight of our sixth grade curriculum. Instruction will be differentiated based students' academic levels and learning styles. This is achieved through engaging activities and technology resources in areas such as math, reading, science, and Spanish. For complete curriculum standards, please visit the Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools Curriculum.

MATH – Studies include operations with decimals/fractions/integers, rates and ratios, algebraic expressions (solving for X with one and two step equations), geometric formulas (perimeter and area, volume, circumference, and angle names and measurement), and statistics and data (collection and analysis to create charts and graphs).

LANGUAGE ARTS – Language arts includes grammar, vocabulary, and literature. The grammar program thoroughly covers all areas of mechanics and usage. Vocabulary consists of definition study in connection with synonym and antonym practice and words in context. Literature class combines reading comprehension and literary focus. Writing is a main focus in grammar and literature. Both creative and formal writing forms are developed.

RELIGION – Students study the entire Old Testament beginning with Creation in the Book of Genesis and study the journey of the Israelites until the birth of Jesus.

SCIENCE – Our students study earth science including inside earth, earth’s changing surface, earth’s waters, and astronomy. Science is taught through instruction, classroom discussion, and investigation using a multimodal approach.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Students focus on the history of the western world including topics in geography, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Studies include economies, governments, resources, and people. Students look at how these areas fit into a global community that relies on each other. Regional conflicts and solutions are explored. Course studies are accomplished through class discussions, student-led debates, and writing.