Look Out in 4B!

Keep your eyes sharp when walking in the second floor hallway at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.  You may need to duck when you enter one of our fourth grade classrooms.  It’s not because a student is getting rowdy.  It is due to Mrs. Lori Serji, an awesome teacher, who is practicing her soft ball pitches.  And we aren’t talking about easy questions!

Mrs. Serji enjoys motivating her students to be active in the classroom.  She uses bean bag balls as a way to encourage her students to actively participate in class.  It keeps them engaged, albeit alert!

All Mrs. Serji has to do is pick up one of the balls; the students get ready!

Mrs. Serji asks a question in any subject she is currently teaching, students raise their hands, and Mrs. Serji throws the ball.  As the question is being answered, the ball stays with the student and then it is back in the air.  

Another way Mrs. Serji keeps things fresh in her class is she lets her students have a mint while they are taking a test.  It has been reported that mint stimulates brain activity.  I think there is at least one other benefit to having a mint during tests, other than minty fresh breath.  I remember sometimes getting nervous taking tests and having a mint could have helped my nine-year old self relax.      

Watching Mrs. Serji and her commitment to her students and their education is contagious.  She shows this commitment to them every day in fun, caring, and supportive ways.  The students thank you, the baseball coaches thank you, and I thank you.