Wings and a Little Imagination

You may think that it is a bit unusual to have birds sitting in a tree in a school’s gymnasium lobby, but thanks to our awesome art teacher, Jenny Storer, and our kindergarten through third grade students, it is happening at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. 

I saw the creatures when they were sitting in Mrs. Storer’s art classroom.  They were super cute then; now they are downright adorable. Given the instructions of working with playing cards, feathers, pipe cleaners, and glue dots, the children were only limited by their creativity.  With a touch of guidance, Mrs. Storer helped create a flock and just like our students, no two the same.

When I see the birds, I am reminded how thrilled we are to have Mrs. Storer as our new art teacher.  What started with private art lessons at her kitchen table has blossomed into sharing her passion for arts of all mediums.   Mrs. Storer’s background as an acrylic artist helps the students see things from a different perspective.  Her art classroom and wherever she sees blank real estate in the school are quickly becoming places where budding artists can show off their hard work and talent.

In truth, the bird project was Mrs. Storer’s way of getting to know the younger students in the early days of the school year.  She and all 430 of her students will be, ahem, branching out (get it?) during the course of the school year and learning more about different artists and art forms.  Some art projects will be school wide; others will be specific to certain grades.  Mrs. Storer gave me a peak at what is to come... I cannot wait to see more of our students’ creations!

Mrs. Storer has big plans for our students (and our school!)… and it all started with wings and a little imagination!