Life Under the Sea

Fifteen years ago, St. Mary’s school bought new fish.  They were cute, swimming around in the saltwater tank. 

One Survived.

More fish were bought, because the last remaining fish just seemed like he needed a friend.  What we didn’t know is that those other fish did not die of natural causes.  We realized that we had “Jaws” in the tank.

He didn’t want any friends.  He ate all of his companions… and then a few more. 

Jaws was not invincible.  He was found belly up during the last school year.  The tank sat vacant as Mr. John Allen, awesome Junior High science teacher, made plans for a fresh start sans Jaws.

Enter Chris Dexter – new dad at the school and saltwater fish tank aficionado!  Chris saw our fishless tank and offered to help Mr. Allen just as Mr. Allen was about to start working on the tank.  Perfect timing…

Now… we were off to a fresh start.

The tank looks great.  Clownfish, a blue tang, a coral beauty angelfish, a serpent starfish, a pencil urchin, and some snails have been introduced in the tank.  The clown fish are VERY interested in EVERYONE who walks by.  The starfish is extremely shy.  The others are quickly getting used to being the new fish in the school (get it?).

Keep an eye out for more fish and sea creatures to follow.  As Chris says, “We have big plans for this tank.”  Thank you, Chris and Mr. Allen, for a fabulous tank that we can all enjoy and easily imagine life under the sea!