Welcome Pope Francis!

Both the country and St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School are abuzz with excitement about Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. We have had a good time incorporating the Pope’s U.S. visit into the classroom. 

Señora Moniqua Acosta, Spanish teacher, has introduced a little of the Italian language into her Spanish classes this week.  Her students are learning more about Pope Francis, his Italian heritage, and his birthplace of Argentina which was settled in part by Italian immigrants.  Señora Acosta’s students, who have learned prayers in Spanish, were surprised to hear how similar those same prayers sound in Italian.

The 1st grade students are doing research to learn more about Pope Francis. They are focusing on his life as a young boy and how he started out just like them— a kid playing with his friends. The research and class continue his journey on to becoming a priest. Part of their religion class is teaching the names and significance of the papal clothing worn by the Pope. 

Fourth grade students are doing a Flat Pope Francis version of the ever-popular Flat Stanley project.  They have a map at the end of the second-floor hallway with Flat Francis showing the places he visits.  They are also going to have a treat, possibly one of the Pope’s favorite foods, and talk about the “Walk with Francis Pledge” to do acts of kindness as a way to honor Pope Francis during his visit. 

Mrs. Sherre Watwood’s 7th grade religion classes are watching a live stream of the Pope’s visit as they continue their work on a group project.  She also downloaded The Pope App on the school iPads for her students, which includes the latest news about the Pope and his visit.

It’s interesting to see how our teachers have brought Pope Francis into the classroom and incorporate this historic event into the school day in a variety of ways. 

Thank you to our teachers and to Pope Francis for all that you do!
If you are interested in following the Pope’s visit, information and a live stream of events can be found on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website at