It Takes a Village


hard work and determination


we don’t sell…

wrapping paper,
cookie dough,
magazine subscriptions,
kitchen trinkets,
or seeds that don’t sprout. 

Our PTO has only ONE BIG carnival weekend.  This year it was a Wild Wild West Weekend.

It all began with our generous sponsors who are alumni, parents, and friends of the school.

Then our awesome teachers and students got ready for the weekend with a Spirit Day Pep Rally led by our Student Council and cheerleaders.  There was a Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest, and we enjoyed every decorated pumpkin on display.                   

And when they were done and as the students continued with their studies, their gymnasium was quietly transformed into a ranch for a grown-up hoedown on Friday evening.

Full store fronts and life-sized horses decorated the gym with both sawdust and hay on the floor. Billy Morris loaned the school several horse drawn carriages from his private collection. Silent auction items from very generous donors were the centerpiece under strings of lights. And, there was a mechanical bull and plenty of laughter, but mostly there was fellowship. 

Saturday morning came bright and early with perfect fall weather and hundreds of children ready to celebrate. As Mr. Joe McBride, principal, called the 10 o’clock hour, the rides and games opened for all. Pony rides were new this year in keeping with the Wild Wild West theme.  The ever popular ping pong toss game was popular once more. The award for getting the ping pong in the cup? OH… that would be goldfish. Lots and lots of goldfish. Every child’s dream, every parent’s nightmare.  St. Mary’s school mom Tara Scheyer and the Mud Puppy Band entertained the crowd with their original songs and crowd favorites.         As the day drew to a close, kids were running around, hopped up on sugar. Parents were holding hands as those same kids ran circles around them. It was amazing and humbling to watch these families come together at this event that does not just generate PTO funds for the school, but brings families into a community. This St. Mary’s school community we are fortunate enough to call home.