Musical Angels, Violins, Trumpets, and More

We have musical angels in our midst at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.  They are the 3rd grade and up students who comprise our school Chorus.   Directed by Dr. Kathleen Haley, awesome music teacher, they lead us in wonderful, heavenly song at our all-school Masses.  

Chorus sign up is always an exciting time at the beginning of the school year, especially for our 3rd grade students.   It is even more special when younger siblings are finally old enough to join and follow in their older siblings’ musical footsteps.  There are no try-outs, but space is limited—literally! The church’s sizable choir loft can only hold so many singing cherubs. 

2014-2015 Chorus

Chorus also includes Drama.  In addition to leading us in song during our all-school Masses, Chorus leads and performs at our annual Christmas musical and spring concert.  And, for students who find themselves in the Christmas spirit early in the school year, they can audition for the Christmas musical as it is open to all the students, even those who do not participate in Chorus year-round.  This year’s Christmas musical is titled “Cookin’ Up Christmas.”    

Our other extracurricular music offerings have expanded recently to include St. Mary’s Violins, Boythovens, and Brass.  St. Mary’s Violins is offered to students in the 4th through 8th grades.  New last year, our violin students hosted two fabulous concerts which left us looking forward to more performances.

Boythovens is a singing group for 4th grade and up boys who sing in the treble range. Brass—trumpets and trombones—is offered for students in the 5th through 8th grades.  I hear Dr. Haley has plans for a little St. Mary’s school jazz band possibly as early as next year!

Although I could never sing and my piano playing days are on the back burner for now, I can always hum along to the cherubs in the choir loft and appreciate all the wonderful music being created in Dr. Haley’s music room.  


Dr. Kathleen Haley has a Bachelor degree in Music Education and a Masters and Ph.D. in Educational Measurement.  Dr. Haley has been teaching since 1990.  Her favorite thing about teaching at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is “getting to know all these amazing young people!”