A Carton of Milk

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and a carton of milk—specifically the December 4th expiration date on the carton of milk—caused me to have a bit of stress at the grocery store.  Why?  Raise your hand if you agree that 2015 has flown by.  I know that I am not the only one with my hand in the air.  As a child, time definitely did not pass so quickly, especially those LOOOOONG days leading up to Christmas morning.

But, here we are… days away from Thanksgiving and December is within earshot. 

As I was about to start the ole’ “let’s stress about the holidays” routine, life got in the way or, actually, life at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School got in the way.

Sitting in my office the following morning, one of our 8th grade students was leading the entire school with our morning prayers and intentions.  A short time later, Mrs. Patricia Gormley, library/media center specialist, asked a 1st grade homeroom about why they are thankful.  It was an absolute privilege to listen to those sweet voices respond. 

Just as I was placing envelopes in the outside mailbox, a school parent was returning from the Adoration Chapel with some of our 3rd grade students in tow.  They took a few minutes out of their busy school day to visit Jesus. 

From the school office I saw our principal, Mr. Joe McBride, looking out the front door.  The skies were dark; the rain was starting to fall.  He told our 1st and 4th grade teachers and students they would not be able to attend their weekly Mass.  They had religion class instead.

All this happened within the first hour of the school day.  So exactly what was so important at the grocery store that it caused me to stress?   So what if the expiration date on a carton of milk reminded me that life is moving along maybe more quickly than I desire? 

That first hour of my workday reminded me to focus on being grateful.  I work at a wonderful school where Jesus is welcome.  For that I am very grateful.  He is most definitely the center of our school.  He is that presence that moves our day along.  He helps our teachers create a caring and supportive environment for our students, and He helps our students excel in a very challenging academic curriculum. 

During every school day here at St. Mary’s, Jesus helps grownups and students alike achieve the balance we all need.   He helps us remember what is truly important and to be grateful for all that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving!