The Future Has Arrived

Our 8th grade students are giving us a glimpse of the future with cities they imagined and built for the Future City Competition, a national STEM competition.   Future City is a required five-part science project for all 8th grade students at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. 

The city models are built to scale and each one has at least one moving part (that’s required).  Some models even light up (not required).  The cities are impressive considering they use mostly recycled materials.  The use of recycled materials is both a creative way to build the cities and helps each team stay under the $100 budget limit set by the Future City organizers.  It’s interesting to see how some materials are recycled.  For example, the Iris City team used an Xbox circuit board in its industrial zone. 

You could sense a mix of excitement and a little nervous energy on November 23rd -- the day the scale models arrived at school.  The students were excited to show off their creations, and some were also a little nervous about the judging portion of the competition.  All the teams eagerly presented their cities to the judges and were prepared to answer some tough questions.

After the presentations, the judges were challenged to identify the top five teams for the Regional Competition in January 2016 at the University of South Carolina—Aiken.   The results were announced and the top five teams, in order, include:  Tranzurka, Christopolis, Energeia, Keina Abfall, and Ocir Otreup.  The judges reported that the Tranzurka team’s use of recycled materials and outstanding presentation gave it the edge.


  1st Place – Tranzurka

Congratulations to all of our 8th grade students for their hard work and good luck to the teams advancing to the Regional Competition.  Go Saints!


More information about the Future City Competition can be found on the St. Mary’s Blog at or