They Came with Packages, Boxes, and Bags...

They are the ten awesome physiologists from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University who spent a morning with our 7th grade students.

Their packages, boxes, and bags were filled with cool things to teach our students about physiology and how much “PhUn” it can be!  

How cool?  Try a 12-pound cow’s heart kind of cool.

The morning was filled with interactive, hands-on demonstrations set up in four stations that focused on understanding the body’s response to exercise and stress.  Students learned about heart rate, lung function, blood pressure, and the functions of cells and tissues through microscopes and experiments.

Reflecting on the morning, I am left wondering if one or more of our 7th grade students may now be considering a career as a physiologist.  

I would not be surprised.  It was that good of a morning.


More information about physiology and career options can be found at The American Physiological Society website at

You may notice that our students are having an out-of-uniform day in the photos.  Our entire school had an important task that morning.  We were sending off the Aquinas High School Fightin’ Irish football team as they began their trip to Atlanta, GA to play in the GHSA Class A private school state championship game at the Georgia Dome.  We gathered outside with signs and banners to cheer on the team as the bus traveled past St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.