Thank You, Georgia Power

It was one of those days when I was happy to see the power company.   Although nice folks work there, my electric bill is not necessarily something for which I look forward.  But, Georgia Power’s recent visit to St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School was a highlight in my day. 

We welcomed back Mrs. Teresa Cobb from Georgia Power’s Learning Power Program.  She was here to teach our 3rd and 4th grade students about energy, how it works, and tips on being energy efficient.  Think of it as an in-school field trip.  Both fun and interactive, the field trip comes to you.

I am just speculating that teaching elementary school students about energy is not necessarily an easy task.  You cannot see it and most of us probably do not even think about it (until the electric bill arrives).  We plug in our phones, they charge, and life goes on.  I want to say something that starts with the phrase “This generation…” but then I quickly realize how much I will sound like my grandmother.

Through hands-on lessons, our 3rd grade students learned about heat transfer, reading thermometers, and discovering differences between an insulator and a conductor.

Our 4th grade students also participated in hands-on lessons.  They learned about open and closed circuits and finding insulators and conductors with every day materials.

St. Mary’s appreciates Georgia Power’s commitment to education.  Our students appreciate that Georgia Power puts the “FUN” in an in-school field trip.  And, our school parents should appreciate how much their children know about energy efficiency.   Let’s hope the next electric bill is a pleasant surprise.


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School extends a big thank you to Teresa Cobb from Georgia Power’s Learning Power Program.  This visit was Mrs. Cobb’s third visit to the school in as many years.  We are already looking forward to her visit next year!  For more information about Georgia Power’s Learning Power Program, please visit