Taking Time to Play

Finally, that big, round, bright light was visible in the sky.  I did not count the number of consecutive rainy days, but there were a few more than normal.  I took notice because moving to Augusta 20+ years ago was in direct relation to the wet (and cold) northern winters.  I still remember them and remember that enough was enough.  My last northern winter was particularly unpleasant.   It can be summarized in two words – ice storm.  For more explanation, how about – dead car and frozen pipes.  

I still fondly remember my first visit to Augusta.

Hours after shoveling snow out of my driveway, the plane landed at Bush Field Airport.  It was sunny, in the 70s, and flowers were in bloom.  I tossed my coat in the back of the rental and decided that I would accept the job, any job, in Augusta for a song.   

Where am I going with all this reminiscing?  Twenty years later I still enjoy bragging about the mild winters in Augusta with family and friends up north, maybe because it feels a little like a competition.  It’s not that I am overly competitive; it’s just that the winter weather discussion is one of those times when the odds are usually stacked in my favor.  Just saying…

Now that I work at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, I also appreciate our Augusta winter climate for allowing us to enjoy an important part of our school day—recess.  Our students socialize with their friends and burn off energy on our expansive playground.   Kids are bundles of energy, and they need to move.  In addition to playground climbing equipment and swing sets, our students play soccer, football, basketball, four square, and more.  

As I write this blog post, our 1st through 3rd grade students are having fun on the playground.  Our awesome principal, Mr. Joe McBride, is on the playground with them.  Recess gives him an opportunity to interact with the students.  It is also why Mr. McBride knows ALL 430 students by name!  He definitely does not sit in his office all day.

Although there is a little chill in the air, this Augusta winter should provide us with many more fun recess days.  It’s not like we had to shovel our driveway this morning.


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