"The Hill"

There are families who visit our school and remark they did not know about the area where the school is located.  The remarks are usually along the lines of “It’s beautiful here.  We had no idea this area existed when we were house hunting.” 

St.  Mary on the Hill Catholic School is located on “The Hill,” a beautiful and historic area in Richmond County, Augusta, Georgia.

It is near downtown and close to the river.  Far enough away to prevent the founders from dying of malaria, close enough to enjoy the breeze.  It is the very center of Augusta--the hub.  There is no map showing the clear cut lines of “where” The Hill is, because it is more than roads and signs.  The lines of the area are gray, moving with the ebb and flow of the people.  It’s the heart and soul of all that is Augusta.

What’s so great about The Hill?  Everything. 

In addition to St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School and our vibrant parish, The Hill is where you can immerse yourself in Augusta’s history and call one of the charming Southern homes (big or small, new or old) yours.  You can enjoy the arts and great restaurants, have access to educational and medical resources, and stroll the Summerville campus of Augusta University – St. Mary’s awesome next door neighbor.   And, if you are lucky enough to get a badge, you are practically a five iron from the Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Golf Tournament.

Sometimes though, we do not always appreciate what we have, but with age comes wisdom. 

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I lived not far from “The Hill.”  We thought that we needed newer and better.  We were living in Richmond County and thought we had to have a Columbia County address.

We thought it was a must because we were new parents.  We needed to be in the “better” of the public school districts and enjoy all the benefits of whatever “better” could be.

We sold our nice home in a nice Richmond County neighborhood with nice neighbors and moved into our “better” home across town.  The new neighborhood was fun and we enjoyed living there.

In the blink of an eye, our oldest was about to turn five years old and kindergarten was rapidly approaching.  A neighbor noticed official-looking people walking through the woods behind our homes; surveyors.  They were going to build a new Columbia County elementary school in our backyard.  All I would have to do is open my back gate and walk my children to school!   Applaud here…

So, that was the extent of my education plan for my children, but it was not necessarily my husband’s plan.

It is great to have a plan, but there is one undeniable thing that I have learned from my attempts to implement one of my plans.  God has a sense of humor. 

To Be Continued…