"The Hill" Continued...

Both my husband and I were raised in the Catholic faith; we wanted the same for our children.  So, we would take our young family to St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church for Mass. 

Any mother who has attempted to take any child to Church, to Mass, to Temple, to the grocery store knows that this is, rarely, a successful endeavor.

There were readings? We sang? There was a homily? These things I cannot remember- what I can tell you is that Cheerios can be washed out of noses, babies don’t choke on a bottle- they throw up, and when the older brother causes the younger sister to cry, the threat of a trip to the bathroom with mom is REAL. We were blessed with two beautiful children and further blessed that homily quizzes were not given after Mass.

My darling children were a distraction… cute… but a distraction.

Then one Sunday I found myself at Mass without my husband and children.

Although it felt strange to be at Mass without the rest of the family, I decided to focus on the positive.  I could pay attention to the entire Mass--including the homily.  It took a little while, but I recall thinking that I did a decent job staying focused (although I do remember a little voice in my head that sounded like one of my kids saying “mom” periodically).

Then it was time for the priest and his homily, and I was ready and focused.  But, there would be no homily.  Seriously.  This is the “God has a sense of humor” part of the story.

There was a guest speaker, Bob Larcher.  Mr. Larcher was the then-principal of Aquinas High School, the Catholic high school in Augusta.  His talk was about Catholic Schools Week and the benefits of Catholic education.

As I listened to Mr. Larcher talk, memories of my very own Catholic elementary school were dusted off from the back of my mind.  It was actually more than memories; it was also feelings.  The big memory was that I loved my elementary school!  It was my school.  It was my second home. 

Gosh… it was a great talk, and the Holy Spirit (no doubt about it!) helped me to really listen to the message and, more importantly, remember. 

My husband could tell that something was up when I arrived home.  I told him that our children need to go to St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.  They need to receive a Catholic education and all that it has to offer – especially academically and spiritually.  He smiled.

You see… that was my husband’s plan all along.  He’s a quiet guy, and he never said much about it.  He certainly was not pressuring me into any decision.  And, if he prayed about it, his prayers were certainly answered.

Many years have come and gone.   We eventually returned to this side of town.  The more we were on “The Hill”— the more we appreciated all that the area has to offer.   We are older now— wiser, too.  We learned that living across town is what our family needed to appreciate what we now call home.

We love our new “old” home, our neighbors, and the entire area.  We enjoy being in close proximity to everything that Augusta has to offer. 

My children have since graduated from St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School where they received a wonderful, well-rounded education.  They are both doing well at Aquinas High School.  My husband and I are grateful for the Catholic education our children, actually our entire family, have received.  And, yes, like me, our children do think of St. Mary’s and Aquinas as both their school and second home.  As my son has said, “Aquinas is more than a school; it’s a family.”

I like to think that my children will not have any trouble remembering their Catholic education experience when deciding on schools for their children.  If they do, God can ask Grandma to remind them.


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is a private Catholic school located in the beautiful and historic Summerville area of Augusta, Georgia.  Please contact Christine Sweeney, Marketing Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 706-733-6193 for more information.