Evening of the Arts: The Gallery

School cafeteria by day, the space was transformed into the St. Mary’s Art Gallery for an evening. Patrons, also known as family, friends, and St. Mary’s alumni, perused the masterpieces. The gallery was bathed in colors, media, dimensions, and smiles—lots of smiles.  There were smiles by the students when they discovered their artwork, and smiles by family and friends who showed their appreciation for the artist and their creation.

The Evening of the Arts showcases selected works created by each of our kindergarten through 8th grade students.  Each piece has some type of meaning for the student; each piece may represent their “favorite”.  Was it the media used?  The colors?  The feeling of accomplishment?  Or, possibly, did creating that particular piece ignite their passion for art?

As I strolled through the art gallery, there was a deep sense of appreciation for Mrs. Jenny Storer, awesome St. Mary’s art teacher, and all that she taught her students this year.  I was also reminded of a story Mrs. Storer told me at the beginning of this school year – her first year teaching at St. Mary’s.  

She was traveling to Athens, Georgia last summer to visit a pottery studio.  St. Mary’s has a kiln in the art room.  Mrs. Storer, an acrylic artist, wanted to learn more about pottery so she could share it with her students.  

After arriving at the studio, Mrs. Storer was directed to a young woman named Michelle.  They began to talk and soon discovered that Michelle was a former St. Mary’s student!  She told Mrs. Storer that it was ironic that she was teaching pottery to Mrs. Storer, when it was the St Mary’s art room where Michelle created her first piece of pottery.   

We strive for a well-rounded Catholic education for our students because, as we know— you never know in what subject or St. Mary’s classroom someone discovers their passion.