Evening of the Arts: The Talent Show

Knock knock… who’s there?... interrupting cow… interrupting cow who?… moooo!  It was the opening line in a comedy bit by one of our 2nd grade students that kicked off the Talent Show.

St. Mary’s Evening of the Arts continued with the always-anticipated Talent Show.  Auditions are open to all kindergarten through 8th grade students making it a mix of grade levels and talents. This year’s talent pool included musicians, singers, a karate kid, Irish dancers, a cheer-dance team, and a 5th grade student who—according to my ears—easily hit all the notes in Adele’s Hello.  No kidding.

Although we have a large gymnasium with plenty of seating for even well-attended sports events, the ranks swell considerably when you add grandparents, siblings, other relatives, and friends who are eager to attend a student performance. 

Call me a smarter and wiser audience member… For many years, I would walk (read: run) to the gymnasium before the rest of the crowd to find a seat (and save one for the husband).  Not this year: I pulled the marketing director card and requested a front-row seat so I could take photographs.  This is the smarter and wiser part… and it was worth it.

The Evening of the Arts is a highlight in our busy school year.  We enjoy that our students share their artistic talents with us, and we appreciate that they and their talents are, indeed, gifts from God.