It's a Zoo... Sort of

Well… it’s not quite a zoo here at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, but we are excited about our newest, four-legged addition!

Meet Nibbles.  She is two-years old and resides in Mrs. Bosch’s 4th grade (4A) classroom.  This is only her second week at St. Mary’s, and she seems to be getting used to her new surroundings.  Nibbles is keeping an eye on the students and hopping around the classroom when the students are at their specials classes, lunch, and recess. 

Nibbles is a welcome addition to Mrs. Bosch’s classroom.  Sadly, Jasper, 4A’s previous rabbit, passed away this past summer at the ripe old age of 13, which is pretty old in rabbit years.  Jasper was fun and had an “I-own-this-classroom” personality.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the students and they him.

Mrs. Bosch told her 4A class the sad news about Jasper at the beginning of the school year.  Fortunately, it did not take long for fate to step in.  Mrs. Bosch’s daughter told her mom that she knew of a rabbit that needed a home.  Mrs. Bosch knew exactly where that home would be. 

Nibbles is not our only four-legged friend at St. Mary’s.  Meet Bellarien (“Bella”), the bearded dragon.  Bella calls Mr. Allen’s Junior High science lab home. He is five years old and came to St. Mary’s during the last school year.  I am not sure if Bella can smile, but he seems to appreciate any and all who feed him his favorite food, meal worms.  

Outside Mr. Allen’s door is our fish tank with a blue tang named Dori, a few clown fish—all named Nemo, and a couple of other assorted species.  They are the school’s welcome wagon.  Just walk by the fish tank, and they will quickly approach the glass.  I like to think that is fish for “hi”.  Maybe not, but I do think they are as interested in us as we are in them.

We may not need to call the zookeeper quite yet, but until then, we enjoy having our four-legged and swimming friends at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. 


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