Seventy-Six Trombones...

...led the big parade...

I admit it. Those are all the words I can remember from that very old song.

But I will definitely remember hearing our St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School band for the first time. It was impressive!

This band is a big deal. It is our inaugural band. We even have an inaugural band t-shirt. 

And, more importantly, we have fourteen 6th grade students who embraced the opportunity to stretch their musical selves. 

It all started with Dr. Kathleen Haley, St. Mary’s awesome music teacher, who wants our students to experience being in a band. As Dr. Haley said, “It is important that our middle school students have band experience so they have knowledge about and can determine their interest in participating in band at the high school level.”

So, our 6th grade students had an opportunity to choose their music class this year. They were able to choose between band class and their regular 6th grade music class. 

Fourteen students signed up for band class and only two of the students had prior experience with their chosen musical instrument. That means that twelve students had to start with the basics such as how to hold the instrument and how to make sounds.

Our band met during their music class which was held every day for six weeks. 

Did I mention they were under a little time crunch?

Dr. Haley and the band had a plan. They wanted to perform during our St. Mary’s football games and football season was already underway. 

No pressure, huh?

Within a few weeks they were performing at a St. Mary’s football game! What a treat!

What’s next for the St. Mary’s band?

They will be performing at our upcoming Pep Rally. And, they have an opportunity to continue their participation in band through a joint program with St. Mary’s and Aquinas High School. Two of our junior high students, who also participate in St. Mary’s band, have been participating in the joint program since last year.  

We are proud of our students and the impressive job they did. We hope they will remember the history they made being part of St. Mary’s inaugural band. We will!