"Chris-myth Busters"

We always look forward to the music, acting, and a bit of comedy that adds to the enjoyment of our Christmas musical at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School. This year’s musical is titled “Chris-myth Busters”, and it focuses on some of the things we believe about Christmas. For example, why do we celebrate Jesus’s birthday on December 25? How do we know there were three wise men? These and other questions will be explored in a lighthearted and musical way.

2015 Christmas Musical - “Cookin’ Up Christmas”

Preparations for the musical began early. Kindergarten through 8th grade students signed up for auditions in September and, by October, rehearsals were in full swing. While the students prepare for their performance, the St. Mary’s-Aquinas High School Band and St. Mary’s Boythovens singing group are also preparing to regale us at the performance. They will be our surprise (don’t tell anyone) opening act.

Just as Dr. Haley, St. Mary’s music teacher, is immersed in this year’s Christmas musical, she is also helping our kindergarten students prepare for their very own Christmas program. The kindergarteners are SO EXCITED about their program! It is always worth making room on my schedule to attend this sweet performance.

Thank you Dr. Haley and our students for helping us usher in this special time of year.

As we rejoice in the wonder of His birth, all of us at St. Mary’s wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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