Welcome PAGE Academic Bowl

It’s Saturday. It’s also 7:30 in the morning. There’s a flurry of activity in the school.

Today is the 2017 PAGE Academic Bowl regional competition, and St. Mary’s school is the location for this year’s event.

St. Mary’s has been participating in the PAGE Academic Bowl for many years. Today, we will be welcoming six Columbia County middle school teams who will be competing with us for the coveted first place trophy.

At St. Mary’s, Academic Team is open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Those who sign up participate in practices twice a week early in the mornings. Practices include scrimmage-type events where students have an opportunity to earn points. The top ten point earners will be representing St. Mary’s in today’s competition.

The competition started off without a hitch and things moved along smoothly.  Since this was my first rodeo, I was not given an important job like question reader, time keeper or announcer. I did, however, find my niche as traffic coordinator and guided visitors to the competition classrooms.

Seeing that all was going well, my plan was to stay long enough to point everyone in the right direction and take a few photographs. I soon realized that I wanted to stay to the end. I got caught up in the excitement and enjoyed meeting visiting teachers, students, and parents. Who could leave? Plus, new folks were arriving such as Mrs. Maureen Lewis, principal of Aquinas High School. She wanted to support our St. Mary’s team and enjoys academic competitions.

Who won the competition? Drum roll please…

St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School Academic Team
2017 PAGE Academic Bowl Region Champions!

Our St. Mary’s team won all of their rounds and claimed the first place trophy. Evans Middle School earned second place. Both schools now advance to the state competition at Georgia College in Milledgeville later this month.

We are proud of our St. Mary’s students and wish both teams good luck in the state competition.


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