Taking the Initiative

Coming up with a good idea is one thing; following through with it is another. Sometimes all it takes is initiative.

One of our 8th grade students, Christopher Saul, knows what initiative is all about.

First, let me give you a little background about Mr. Saul…

Christopher is a strong student, skilled athlete, and has a big heart.

During the fall sports season, Christopher learned that one of his younger teammates was having trouble maintaining the grades needed to participate on the team. Christopher felt badly and wanted to help. This desire to help his teammate was the impetus for Christopher to launch the Saul Leadership Initiative.

The initiative is a leadership program. It is designed to give 8th grade students a rewarding way to give back to their school by helping fellow St. Mary’s students with school work and athletics. The 8th grade students who sign up become part of the initiative’s leadership team. Team members, two at a time, stay after school for one hour and help students who are in our growing after-school care program.

Christopher told me that the 8th grade students help wherever there is a need. A student may need help with homework or studying for a test. There may be a student who wants to learn about basketball or brush up on his or her soccer skills. Whatever the need, Christopher knows that his fellow 8th grade students can help our younger students gain the confidence they need to excel.

Thank you, Christopher and our 8th grade students, for sharing your time and talent with your St. Mary’s school family.


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