Grateful for Catholic Education

My husband and I took our first born, Connor, to college yesterday — Georgia Tech to be exact. When we left him, he had a smile on his face and an eagerness to explore his new surroundings.

It is hard to believe college has arrived. So many times I imagined how difficult it would be to take him to college. I was wrong. 

Taking your child to college is the easy part; leaving him there is the hard part.

On the drive home I was torn between being sad or… well, there was no or…

The bright spot in the day was that we would have our daughter, Leah, at home for two more years before it’s her turn for college.

I missed Connor this morning. I took heart knowing that he was most certainly enjoying his first all-you-can-eat college breakfast. I also thought thanks Georgia Tech… it’s your turn to feed him.

At work today, I saw some of Connor’s former teachers. They asked about Connor and were certain that he would do well at Tech. I, too, am confident that Connor will do well, and I give his teachers at St. Mary’s and Aquinas High School much of the credit for this confidence. I am very grateful that Connor received a well-rounded kindergarten through 12th grade Catholic education. Just as St. Mary’s prepared Connor for the rigorous college prep curriculum at Aquinas, I know that Aquinas has prepared him to succeed at Georgia Tech.

I smile knowing that Connor is prepared academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially to excel in college and in life. I also smile knowing that I will see him in 50 days, not that I’m counting…

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