Encouraging Reading

The much-anticipated Storybook Character Parade happened today. As a follow up to their summer reading assignment, our first and second grade students dressed up as a favorite character from a summer read.

Mrs. Therese Rhodes, our St. Mary’s library teacher, along with our first and second grade teachers, saw the parade as a fun way to further encourage our students to be excited about reading.

As the “characters” paraded through the gym, parents and other students in attendance learned about the title of the book and the character.

 Mrs. Hardy and Her First Grade Students

Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Webster, and Mrs. Fisher
Library Teacher, Principal, and Assistant Principal

Watching the parade reminded me about a visit to Mrs. Tyre’s first grade classroom a couple of years ago. I just happened to walk by her classroom when the students were discussing a story they had just read. They were correctly answering questions about the characters, setting, genre, and other story elements. I was impressed. Excited about this experience, I mentioned my visit a short time later to Mrs. Wilkinson, one of our kindergarten teachers. She replied, “We do that in kindergarten too.”

Today’s kindergarten is certainly not the same kindergarten of my day. I only recall musical chairs and finger painting in my kindergarten class. I fondly recall finger painting because my mom told my siblings and me that finger painting was illegal in our house. I do not think finger painting should ever have been illegal, but I would support a bill that makes glitter illegal.

Although the Storybook Character Parade is over, we have the Kindergarten Halloween Parade, Third Grade Saints Parade, and Fourth-Sixth Grade Vocabulary Parade on the horizon. These and other activities during our school day show our students that school and learning can, in deed, be fun.


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