St. Mary's Art Studio

I enjoy visiting Mrs. Storer’s classroom, the Art Studio. There is always something new and creative in the works. In addition to new art projects for all grade levels, St. Mary’s students are spreading their creative wings and learning to appreciate art through art history.

Greeting her K-3rd grade students while wearing her “Question of the Week” hat, Mrs. Storer introduces an art history question. Not sure of the answer?  Just check the Art Studio’s ActivBoard for a clue. So far, Mrs. Storer has taught her students about prehistoric cave paintings, ancient Egyptian art, ancient Grecian art, and ancient Roman art. I cannot help but wonder, “What will next week’s question be?” 

Mrs. Storer would also like her students to appreciate that life skills are important in the Art Studio. For her younger students, she is focusing on responsibility and leadership. Students are taking turns each week being an “Art Teacher in Training”. One student at each table is responsible for listening extra closely to instruction, “shopping” at the Art Studio Supply Store for all the supplies needed for their table, and helping their table mates. This is a big job since they also need to work on their own art project. Mrs. Storer is pleased to report that we have some real leaders in our midst.

Mrs. Storer is focused on helping her older students understand the importance of individual traits that artists need as they embark on their creations. By focusing on the artistic process, she also strives to help her students appreciate how those same traits are needed by all of us throughout our lives.

Students work on an artist inspiration book. For a few minutes at the beginning of each class, Mrs. Storer introduces a quote on the ActivBoard and the class discusses it. The quote may be from a famous artist or other well-known person. It may focus on the importance of hard work, perseverance, confidence, and other traits that the author learned to appreciate in his or her life. The students then write it down in their book and design/sketch anything that the quote inspires.

Why is art class more than just art projects? In Mrs. Storer’s words, “Art is life and life is art. You cannot separate the two. As you grow as a person, apply all that you learn to everything that you do."