St. Mary's Spelling Bee

As far back as I can recall spelling was always one of my favorite school subjects. And, as a spelling enthusiast, I am a big fan of spelling bees, especially our school-level version of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

On the heels of our classroom-level competitions in grades 5 through 8, 14 classroom champions advanced to the school-level competition. Five of the 14 students were returning school-level spelling bee competitors, and two of the 14 students were siblings.

The students all seemed to enjoy participating in the event. They clearly understood the rules and were focused on the task. A total of 149 words were spelled correctly or sometimes incorrectly during 24 rounds of competition. The last two remaining competitors correctly spelled their way through the last seven rounds before the winner was determined!

This year’s St. Mary’s spelling champion is Charlie, one of our 7th grade students. Nick, an 8th grade student, earned second place.

Charlie will represent St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School in the next-level competition in early 2018. We wish good luck to Charlie and all the students who will be representing their schools in the next competition.


Dr. Kathleen Haley, St. Mary's music teacher and spelling bee coordinator, extends a big thank you to some of our awesome 2nd grade students who helped set up her music room for the competition. The second-grade students also said a silent prayer for the competitors prior to the start of the competition.