Why our Students Love St. Mary's

At first I was reminded about our writing curriculum at St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School when I saw the eighth grade persuasive essays hanging on the wall outside of Mrs. Weber’s classroom. Mrs. Weber, our eighth grade literature and religion teacher, tasked her students with answering the question, “Why should someone attend St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School?” While reading each essay, I enjoyed learning about what our most-senior and soon-to-be-graduating students love about our awesome school.

Below are snippets from a few of the essays. I hope you enjoy them!

Last year was my first year at St. Mary’s and within the first few days I had already met a lot of people and started to become good friends with some of my classmates. My family was assigned a family from St. Mary’s during our first year here that would help us out with anything relating to school, so I had already become friends with a few kids before the first day even started! – Ryan

Being at St Mary’s is like being a part of a big family. I could not be more grateful to have spent the past nine years attending this lovely school, learning my faith, being a part of teams, and always feeling welcome. Although I am excited to start high school, I will miss St. Mary’s. It will always have a special place in my heart. – Camilla

Being able to attend St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School has been a true blessing. The amazing people students meet and bond with, such as fellow students and teachers, make the school practically glow with a positive attitude. Another reason St. Mary’s is such an amazing school is the ability to fully develop and understand the faith and what God is calling us to do. Amazing academics, strong friendships, and the ability to understand God more fully are only a few features that make St. Mary’s such an amazing place. – Felix

St. Mary’s has a variety of classes including algebra, science, Spanish, and computer, just to name a few. In our classes we do many hands-on projects that test us mentally such as Future City in science and coding in computer. – Nick

St. Mary’s offers many opportunities for students to use their God-given talents in extracurricular activities. St. Mary’s has sports teams, academic teams, and cyber security teams. God gave everyone special talents and St. Mary’s gives our students a chance to use them. - Donny

There are also many sports offered at Saint Mary’s including soccer, tennis, football, volleyball, golf, cross country, cheer, basketball, and baseball. Playing a sport is a fun and easy was to stay active during the school year. It is also a great way to make friends with students from other grades that are on the team. Sports bring so much excitement, laughter, and joy to school. St. Mary’s has amazing coaches and they always do a great job of making sure the athletes are playing to the best of their ability. The teams always do so well in their games! – Gabrielle