Random Acts of Kindness

It has been a many years since I was excited about going to the mailbox. In my younger days I may have been looking forward to my first magazine or a birthday gift from a relative. Although those days were decades ago, I am reminded of them when I walk through our school’s main lobby and see the Random Acts of Kindness mailbox. Why? I know there is special mail awaiting all of us.

The mailbox is strategically located on a table with a small tablet and a few pens and pencils. Interestingly, I rarely see a note being written, but there are always new notes in the mailbox! The notes may have been written by a student, teacher, parent, or a visitor to our school. The notes highlight an act of kindness by a member of our school family that may have occurred during a school day or even outside of school. At times there are cute notes that express how much a student loves being at St. Mary’s.

On Thursday mornings Mrs. Webster, our principal, reads the mail over the intercom. She does not focus on individuals or names; she focuses on the acts of kindness. So, I like to think that the Random Acts of Kindness notes are like little gifts for all of us. They both touch our hearts and are a great start to our school day. Below are a few notes that I wanted to share with you. I hope they touch your heart and make your day.