Sixth Grade

It is a big school year. You are no longer considered to be an elementary school student, but you also may not be thinking much about high school. You are probably more excited about the sports and expanded extracurricular opportunities from which to choose. As teachers and parents, we know that high school is a mere stone’s throw from sixth grade.

At St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, we want our students to be ready for high school and beyond. One way in which we help our sixth grade students is by providing them with additional opportunities to strengthen their foundation in the areas of math and critical thinking, gain more confidence with public speaking, expand their knowledge with Latin word roots and SAT/ACT vocabulary, reinforce study skills, and have guidance lessons.

As many of us can relate, math can be a love it or not subject. If you do not love it, you still need to have a solid foundation. With the guidance of our sixth grade math teacher, Mrs. Edge, our students participate in a ninth-period, semester-based Math Lab where they challenge themselves using an interactive online resource. As they correctly solve problems, the problems become progressively more challenging. For those who have some difficulty with a concept, the tool allows them to focus on practicing the concept.

While some of our sixth grade students are in Math Lab, others are in a class with Mrs. Webster, principal, that is focused on critical thinking, public speaking, Latin word roots, and SAT/ACT vocabulary.

Mrs. Webster challenges students to think outside the box and to step outside their comfort zone. For example, the public speaking part of her class includes extemporaneous (extemp) speaking or speaking in front of a group with very minimal preparation time. In Mrs. Webster’s class, you are given a topic by Mrs. Webster or one of your classmates and only 30-60 seconds to organize your thoughts. You are then encouraged to give an organized response followed by peer critique where positive or constructive feedback is provided in a respective way.

Mrs. Webster shares teaching the ninth-period class with Mrs. Hagler, our sixth grade English and literature teacher, and Mrs. Parel, guidance counselor. They focus on study skills and guidance lessons, respectively.

Encouraging our sixth grade students to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge base is just one way in which we prepare our students for high school and beyond.