Student Leaders

Our students are leaders. You are a leader when you show kindness and inspire others to do the same. One simple act of kindness, such as helping a classmate with a math problem, may inspire that classmate to help another classmate and so on. Or, your classmates witness your act of kindness and are more alert to opportunities where they can show kindness during their day.

As faculty and staff members, we strive to encourage leadership among our students by providing immediate and positive acknowledgement when we see students helping others.

Examples of kindness may also be shared with the entire school on Thursday mornings when Mrs. Webster, our principal, reads notes that were left in our “random acts of kindness” mailbox. These notes reflect small and large examples of kindness that involved our students, faculty, staff, or parents, both on and sometimes off campus. Our Thursday morning “mail” is a great way to start the school day and reminds us that kindness is both appreciated and the right thing to do. 

In addition to encouraging individual acts of kindness, we participate in school-wide community service opportunities. That is where our Student Council Officers take the lead.

Being a Student Council Officer is an important leadership role in the school. Your responsibilities include working with Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Fisher (assistant principal), and Student Council faculty moderators to determine how we can help others beyond our school family.  Our Student Council Officers, along with Student Council homeroom representatives, take the lead in communicating with all of the students and encouraging their participation.

We recently wrapped up a successful Toy Drive to benefit Fort Gordon’s Christmas House. Christmas House has an important mission to serve military families who need a little extra help during the holidays.

Our Student Council Officers participated in school-wide morning announcements and special segments during our Saints Morning News Show (directed/produced by students) to share information about Christmas House, its mission, and the Toy Drive.  Along with handmade posters strategically placed on the school campus, the hope was that our students would take the lead and share information about Christmas House and the Toy Drive with their own families. 

We are proud of our Student Council Officers and all of our students. We look forward to both community service and everyday opportunities where our students can inspire others through leadership.