Middle School Students Give Back

Our St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School football team is an impressive group both on and off the field. Their success on the field can be attributed to their training, determination, and athletic abilities. The team itself gives credit to their beloved coach Dan MacEachern, “Coach Mac.” Although he is a tough coach and sets the bar high, Coach Mac loves his team and the team loves him. Recognizing all that he has done for them, the team chose to do something special to give back to Coach Mac.

We recently learned that Coach Mac’s three-month old grandson was diagnosed with cancer. School-wide prayers began along with offers to find out how our school family can help. While all this was going on in the grown-up world, Coach Mac’s football team was discussing among themselves what they could do to help.

The team approached some football parents and told them they wanted to help Coach Mac’s family in some way, possibly a fundraiser to help with medical costs. The boys were only looking for the go-ahead to proceed with their plans. They wanted to do everything on their own. Before long, the team decided to host two events on one weekend—a Friday evening 80’s Dance for students in grades 6-8 and a Saturday evening Kids’ Night Out for students in grades 2-5. The team would raise funds by selling tickets to the events.

For both events the football team planned all the activities, created the decorations, ensured everyone was having fun, walked students to their cars, and cleaned up. The grownups only needed to be the chaperones.

The team raised $2,800 for Coach Mac’s family through ticket sales (160 tickets!) and donations. It was obvious to all that the weekend was more than a fundraiser. It was a way for the football team to honor Coach Mac and to thank him for all that he has done for them.