Family Welcome Program

The Family Welcome Program is focused solely on new school families.  An energetic Family Welcome Committee, comprised of school parents, coordinates this important program.  The program strives to foster the Christ-centered atmosphere of the St. Mary's school community by reaching out and welcoming new families to our school, by answering questions, and by easing the transition to a new school community.

An important part of this program is matching new families with current St. Mary’s families.  Our current families are eager to welcome new families to St. Mary’s and to answer questions.  For example, you may be interested in knowing the “best” place to get uniforms, the quickest route to school from Columbia County or what happens on the first day of school.  If schedules permit, the families can get together so the children can meet their soon-to-be-school friends.

The committee also prepares welcome folders for new families.  The folders include such items as the new school calendar, frequently asked questions, a sample lunch menu, information about the before-school and after-school care programs, and the uniform requirements, to name a few.