Catholic Religious Education

Catholic Religious Education—A Partnership with Parents

At St. Mary’s, we are bound together by the Eucharist, directed by Gospel teachings and the teachings of the Catholic Church, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and are committed to sharing in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church believes (and so do we!) that parents are the primary religious educators of their children (CCC1653).  We partner with parents through authentic teaching of the Catholic faith and implementing Gospel values on a daily basis in a Christ-centered environment. 

St. Mary’s welcomes families and students of all faiths.  Our non-Catholic students participate in all aspects of faith formation to the extent they can according to Catholic teaching and the teachings of their respective faiths. Students are encouraged to learn about Catholicism and to ask questions.

We teach the Catholic faith through:

  • A Catholic Curriculum -- The religious education curriculum is set forth by the Diocese of Savannah. Each student receives a minimum of 150 hours of religious education each year through a combination of religious education classes and Mass attendance.
  • Prayer -- Each day begins and ends with school-wide prayers led by 8th graders and faculty.  Grace is said before all meals.  School assemblies and special events all begin and end with group prayer.
  • Mass Attendance -- Each class attends Mass once a week, and the entire school attends Mass together monthly on First Fridays and Holy Days of Obligation.
  • Mass Participation -- The students assist with the liturgy as altar servers, lectors, gift bearers, and choir members.
  • Special Religious Events -- including:
    • Adoration and Benediction of the Eucharist;
    • Recitation of the Rosary;
    • May Crowning of the Blessed Mother;
    • Lenten activities such as Stations of the Cross, Prayer Day, Seder Supper, and Operation Rice Bowl collections for the hungry around the world;
    • School-wide Mass for the start and end of the school year;
    • 7th and 8th grade Mass buddies – each junior high student is paired with a kindergartener or first grader to accompany the younger students and mentor them during all-school Masses.