Specials Classes

A well-rounded curriculum is the hallmark of Catholic education. Our specials classes provide further opportunities for students in grades K-8 to: develop a lifelong appreciation of art, music, and reading; broaden their interest in learning about other languages and cultures; be introduced to new technology and learn how to use it in a beneficial and responsible manner; and learn that an active and healthy lifestyle can benefit them in many ways. 


Students stretch their creativity and grow in their appreciation of art through the study of art history and connections to cultures, the elements of art and principles of design, art subject matter selection, art analysis and self-critique, and art's cross-curricular connection to other classroom learning and in everyday life. Unique works of art are created through drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D design, graphics design, and textile crafts. Student artwork is showcased during the school year and highlighted at the school's Art Show & Festival in the spring.


St. Mary's embraces educational technology and incorporates its use into virtually every aspect of school life. Technology is used in all grade levels from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our campus is fully networked with classroom computers, smart boards, iPads, and laptops. St. Mary's Computer/Technology Lab provides a hands-on environment for students to learn coding, cybersecurity skills, keyboarding, multimedia production, robotics, and software applications.

Library/Media Center

The Library/Media Center is dedicated to designing and maintaining a program that supports, complements, and expands the instructional program of the classroom. The curriculum serves as a framework for encouraging independent learning by fostering an appreciation for literature and nonfiction writing, promoting reading for pleasure, teaching research strategies, and developing skills to analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas.


St. Mary’s music instruction meets the National Music Standards, the State of Georgia Performance Standards, and follows the Music Curriculum of the Diocese of Savannah. The goal of the program is to equip students with basic skills and understanding necessary for further music study and to encourage a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of music.

Students in kindergarten through third grade enjoy musical experiences involving movement, singing, and playing instruments. They are taught to read traditional notation and solfege. In addition to learning to read music, they are given opportunities to improvise and create music of their own. Our fourth grade students hone their music reading skills by learning to play the soprano recorder. Our students also further develop their music skills by reading more advanced rhythms, composing rhythms, identifying various forms of music, singing in two parts, aurally identifying various instruments, performing accompaniment from notation, and listening to and discussing music from different cultures and time periods. Sixth grade students have band as their music class. Seventh and eighth grades begin to learn guitar using classical guitars provided by the school.  Students learn proper finger style technique including posture and reading from notation. Students also learn to play various chords and strumming patterns to accompany songs.


The lessons that are taught within the Physical Education (PE) Curriculum work to improve the students’ physical health, enhance their emotional outlook, and stimulate their intellectual activity and ability. PE classes include games, sports, and dance. PE also provides students with opportunities ranging from the basic acquisition of locomotive and manipulative skills to the assessment of fitness levels. The PE Curriculum is divided into five key strands: skilled movement, responsible behaviors, cognitive concepts, personal fitness, and physically active lifestyle. There are multiple objectives and benchmarks for each strand. The combination of these five strands and their objectives is designed to lead students to engage skillfully, knowledgeably, and responsibly in an active, healthy Christian life.


The St. Mary’s Spanish program serves students in grades K-8. The Spanish program is based on the distinctive characteristics and needs found at each level of cognitive, social, and linguistic development. The curriculum has its basis in Second Language Acquisition research and the national Standards for Foreign Language Learning. New students who have not received prior instruction in Spanish are typically able to acclimate because of the structure of the program including: organization of curriculum and instruction according to communicative teaching methods rather than a grammar-based approach;  effective and engaging instruction made meaningful and memorable through the use of stories, real-world conversation, music, rituals, and cultural celebrations; frequent, regular assessment of learning in a manner that is consistent with the Standards for Foreign Language Learning, program goals, and teaching strategy; and general instruction in Spanish with minimal use of English.