Reading Interventionist

St. Mary’s employs a full-time reading interventionist who provides a number of services to students, teachers, and parents.

Reading Lab

The Reading Lab helps students succeed by offering small group or individualized reading instruction. Students qualify for enrollment in the program through referrals from teachers, results from standardized screenings or scores on standardized tests.  Mrs. Kuhlke works closely with classroom teachers and parents to provide the best instruction possible for each student.

In the Reading Lab, Mrs. Kuhlke uses Seeing Stars.  This Lindamood-Bell intervention is a research-based program that uses symbol imagery to build language and literacy skills.  When students cannot use imagery, we see deficits in oral language, problem solving, and logical thinking.  We then evaluate to identify strengths and weaknesses and with intense instruction turn those weaknesses into strengths.  

Study Skills

Mrs. Kuhlke also teaches study skills to our Intermediate students in fourth through sixth grades.  Each grade level receives specific instruction but, overall, the students cover: learning styles, study environment, organization, listening skills, reading and comprehending expository text, taking notes, outlining, critical thinking, and test taking.

Study skills are taught in 30-minute segments.  Fourth grade students receive study skills instruction twice a month.  Fifth and sixth grade students receive instruction once a week. 


Laura Kuhlke, 15 years of experience


St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School is NOT a Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Center nor is it affiliated with, endorsed, monitored, or sponsored by Lindamood-Bell, Nanci Bell, Phyllis Lindamood or Pat Lindamood. Lindamood-Bell—an international organization creating and implementing unique instructional methods and programs for quality intervention to advance language and literacy skills—in no way endorses or monitors the services provided by St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School.