Our program is designed to help students progress from dependence in early childhood to personal and intellectual independence as young adults. St. Mary’s participates in the development of and follows the curriculum of the Office of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Savannah.

The curriculum is designed to be academically challenging, developmentally appropriate, and in alignment with National and State Standards. It is based on the knowledge that students can become lifelong and self-reflective learners who grow in both intellectual wisdom and spiritual grace when they are taught in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, and religious awareness. Upon eighth grade graduation, our students are expected to reason logically, read critically, write correctly, express thoughts articulately, and to both analyze and question vigorously. 

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT – Our faculty creates a caring and supportive environment and has the flexibility (i.e. freedom) to use their experience and ingenuity to enhance learning in the classroom. Because curriculum standards represent the baseline concepts or essential knowledge that students need to acquire during their current school year, our faculty is encouraged to and has the freedom to exceed the standards.

CURRICULUM FOCUS – Our school-wide curriculum focus at St. Mary’s includes math, critical thinking, and cross-curricular writing. Students are able to strengthen knowledge or skills in these areas through classroom, technology, and online resources.

SUBJECTS/ELECTIVES – Classes taught daily in all grade levels include language arts, math, religion, science, and social studies. Specials classes include art, computer/technology, library/media center, music, physical education, and Spanish. A variety of ninth-period electives are also available for our seventh and eighth grade students. These electives include broadcasting, competition math, installation art, Model UN, Spanish 1 (eighth grade), and more.

A brief curriculum highlight by grade level, including specials classes, can be found under the Academics tab on this website.

For complete curriculum standards, please visit the Catholic Diocese of Savannah Curriculum.